Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should order my appraisal?

A: Anyone can order an appraisal. If your appraisal is to be used by a lender, the lender typically orders the appraisal. Tell the lender if you have a preference for a particular appraiser.

Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: No.

Q: How much is a house appraisal?

A: Appraisals cost anywhere from $425 to $850 depending on the lender requirements. The typical single family home appraisal costs $575.

Q: How much is a commercial appraisal?

A: Lenders have different reporting requirements for commercial property, and the time spent on preparing the report varies. Call Chris Guinn at 907.479.7603 for a fee quote on a commercial property.

Q: Do you have the capability to send your reports by EDI?

A: We can send all appraisal reports electronically, via a pdf format.

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